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FAFCO Solar Systems – Solar Powered Since 1969 – Solar Heating and Electric Power for Swimming Pools and Homes

FAFCO®, the oldest and most trusted US Solar Thermal manufacturer, has changed the Game in Solar with a Significant Advancement in Solar Technology!

CoolPV® provides Improved PV Electrical Output with Energy to Heat Your Pool at the same time! The Unique Design Provides Unmatched Performance and Maximum Energy Output using the same Roof Space.


The many benefits of CoolPV® for Residential & Commercial



Increase Electrical Output

CoolPV®’s Patent Pending Technology allows you to Improve PV Electrical Output Significantly while generating warm water to Heat Your Pool.

Solar Energy Saves $

You can Lower Your Electric Bill with Renewable, Sustainable Solar Power and drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on energy!

Extend Your Pool Season

CoolPV®‘s Solar Pool Heating system Significantly Extends Your Swimming Season, enabling healthy enjoyment and exercise in luxurious warm water from spring to fall.

Efficient Use of Roof-Space

No longer must you decide to go either Solar Thermal (Water Heating) or Solar PV (Electric) because of limited optimum roof space. With CoolPV® you get Maximum Energy Output From Available Roof Space!


Unlike conventional power, solar power produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment. Clean. Renewable. Sustainable… Solar!

Increase Property Value

Installing rooftop solar panels Boosts a Home’s Green Credentials while Cutting Utility Bills, and Increasing the Value of your home or business! With CoolPV® you now have added value of Thermal Solar with your PV Solar!

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Solar Pool Heating – Our Flagship Product Line Since 1969

Solar energy is free and clean. Using it to heat your household water or swimming pool is an easy way to save money and extend your swimming season. FAFCO® is also the industry leader in commercial solar thermal applications. The company that delivers the best solar pool heating solutions in the world is FAFCO®.

For home and business owners alike, using renewable energy is a point of pride. It improves our air quality and reduces our reliance on foreign oil. Plus, all FAFCO® products are made in the USA. However, the simple truth is that FAFCO® will save you money.