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Authorized Dealer Verification

Since 1969 FAFCO has been offering high-quality, innovative and energy-saving products powered by the sun through an authorized dealer network second to none. Each of our legacy dealers (dealers that have been with us in many cases for over 20 years) and new dealers alike go through a series of very thorough examinations by FAFCO in order to retain and obtain that authorized dealer status. For example, FAFCO looks at license status, insurance, online reputation, business practices, financial strength and several other key business areas. In addition, we require our authorized dealers to be regularly factory trained for best installation practices as well as sales & marketing trained so that you our ultimate customer are getting the best possible FAFCO representation.


Only buy FAFCO products from authorized FAFCO dealers in-order-to maintain the performance of your system, the integrity of the warranty and to once again insure that you have the best experience with our FAFCO products.

Look for the authorized FAFCO “badges” below on the website(s) of the contractor with which you are going to do business to verify their good standing with FAFCO. When you “click” on a badge it should go directly to a dealer profile page hosted and maintained by FAFCO. Anything less would signify that the dealer in question might be questionable.

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When in doubt, please feel free to contact us regarding a dealer.

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