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Commercial Solar PV and Solar Thermal

Finally! The benefits of both Solar Electricity and Solar Water Heating
or Solar Pool Heating from the Same Panel on the Same Roof Space!

FAFCO®, a leading Solar Manufacturing Company located in Chico, California, spent over ten years with help from the US Navy and the National Renewable Energy Lab developing a new hybrid solar system that can generate electricity and heat water using the same solar panel.

The Result is CoolPV®. Using FAFCO®’s state of the art solar thermal technology and SolarWorld’s® state of the art solar electric technology, CoolPV® is an enhanced solar electric system that generates electricity and heats water using the same panel on the same roof space. Because the solar electric panel is “cooled”, it generates more electric power than a stand-alone solar electric panel. All you need is a load for the heated water like a water heater or swimming pool.

Commercial Benefits for Pre-Heating

Commercial CoolPV® can heat your Pool or Pre-Heat Water for both Commercial and Industrial uses!


Lower Total Energy Costs

Lower Total Energy Costs for Hotels, Hospitals, Barracks, Mess Halls and many other applications.

Attractive ROI

Extremely Attractive Return on Investment (ROI) without incentives, rebates or depreciation depending on the application.

Reliable Technology

Rugged, proven technology that is virtually Maintenance-free!

PV & Thermal Saves $

Lower Electric and Gas Bills.

Incentives & Rebate Potential

Access to Federal, State and Utility Rebates & Incentives in most cases.

Extend Swim Season

You Will Enjoy an Extended Swim Season and a Warmer Pool!

Commercial Pool Case Study


Installation Specs

11.2 kW PV, 720 sq. ft. Thermal, 40 CoolPV® Panels.

Incentive Benefits

Federal and State Incentives of $24,577.


First Year Energy Savings of $9,050.

Long Term Savings

20 Year Projected Energy Savings of $255,942.