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Maximizing energy production from your rooftop has never been easier with FAFCO®’s new CoolPV® system. This new technology uses your precious roof space to extend your pool season and run your electric meter backwards to save you more money than ever before. The following are frequently asked questions we hope will be useful.

What is CoolPV®?

CoolPV® combines solar thermal and electric into one panel to both enhance electricity output and heat your swimming pool. CoolPV® delivers up to four times the energy of standard solar modules in the form of both thermal energy and electricity. It is often referred to as hybrid or photovoltaic/thermal (PVT) technology.  Click here to see the full specification.

How does CoolPV® help me as a pool owner?

CoolPV® optimizes your valuable roof space by generating electricity and heating your pool at the same time. CoolPV® extends the use of your pool throughout the year and runs your electric meter backwards during sunny days.  See more info here.

Why not install two systems?

Installing both an electric and thermal system on your rooftop compromises performance, appearance and increases complexity.  CoolPV® is the perfect blend of electrical and thermal performance that minimizes your roofspace footprint.

What will a CoolPV® system look like on my roof?

Your CoolPV® system has the same streamlined, low-profile appearance of a standard solar electric system.  It also has a uniform black appearance that is coveted by many solar electric system owners.

Is CoolPV® more efficient than other Solar Systems?

Yes, CoolPV® can collect three or even four times the total solar energy of a solar electric system from the same roof area.


This means you generate more savings for a longer period with the same roof space.

Will my electric bill be reduced more with CoolPV®?

Yes, CoolPV® generates more electricity than a standard solar electric system because it cools the modules, which makes the system more efficient.  CoolPV® can offset the cost of running your pool pumps and can even run your meter backwards.

Who can install my CoolPV® system?

CoolPV® must be installed and serviced by an authorized, FAFCO® trained dealer.  Click here to find a dealer.

Is CoolPV® tested, certified and locally code-compliant?

CoolPV® has been ISO tested, SRCC Certified, Class A fire rated and is locally code compliant.

Can I combine CoolPV® with FAFCO® Sunsaver® or Sunsaver-ST® panels?

Yes.  Many customers add FAFCO® Sunsaver® OR Sunsaver-ST® panels to increase their pool heating capacity.

What if my budget is limited?

CoolPV® can be financed to minimize or eliminate upfront costs.  CoolPV® is an excellent investment which improves home re-sale value.

Does CoolPV® qualify for any incentives?

Yes, CoolPV® qualifies for the Federal Investment Tax Credit and other solar rebates.  Your CoolPV® authorized dealer can answer these questions based on your specific location.

Can CoolPV® be financed to optimize my cash flow?

Yes, your CoolPV® system can be financed through a number of mechanisms, including the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program.  Your CoolPV® dealer can discuss the financing options available to you.

Can I use CoolPV® for commercial pool heating?

Yes, and in California your CoolPV® system will qualify for additional incentives. Please ask your dealer for details.

Could I use CoolPV® for space heating?

CoolPV® is not recommended for space heating.

Could I use CoolPV® for domestic water heating?

Because household water heating is a higher temperature application, CoolPV® is not recommended.

Can CoolPV® be used for commercial and industrial applications?

Yes, CoolPV® can be used to pre-heat water flowing to central boilers in warm climates. Commercial applications with high energy costs using large amounts of heated water are ideal. Typical applications include bottle washing, food processing/preparation, laundries, destination resorts, pharmaceutical manufacturing, textile and paper processing among other applications.  Click here for more information.