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We treat our Dealers like Partners! We believe in Open Communication and Limited Distribution to ensure the Highest Quality Dealer Network for the consumer.

Quality Craftsmanship


We look for the same Core Values and Standards in our Dealers that we expect from our Team!

Mutual Successsuccess-360x467

Our Success relies on Your Success! We strive to provide our dealers with all the tools and support they need to succeed!

Dealer Benefits

We have multigenerational relationships with many of our dealers for a reason!


Quality You Can Count On

FAFCO® and SolarWorld® combine their industry leading technology to produce the world’s best performing solar product.

Elegant Design

The CoolPV® Panel design is sleek, well thought out and easy to install.

Fully Customizable

As you would expect from a FAFCO® product, you can count on easily customizing your systems to your clients needs.

Collaborative Partnership

FAFCO® has many multi-generation Dealers for a reason… We collaborate with our Dealers and establish long lasting relationships.

Reliable Manufacturing

FAFCO® has developed proprietary manufacturing processes to ensure you get a high quality, reliable product delivered every time… on-time!

Competitive Advantage

CoolPV® is a Patented product ensuring a long-term competitive advantage.


Would you like to be a dealer?

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If you are outside of the United States please see our International Dealer page.