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FAFCO Spa Companion

fafco spa companion

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Two industry experts have teamed up to bring you the most
energy efficient package for PV solar with pool and spa heating!

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You can generate more electricity with CoolPV® than standalone Solar PV because CoolPV® cools the Solar Cells in the PV Panel while heating your pool water. CoolPV® delivers up to four times the total amount of energy of a standard electric system for the same rooftop footprint.

Get the most out of your swimming pool. CoolPV® significantly extends your swimming season, enabling healthy enjoyment and exercise in luxurious warm water from spring to fall.
No need for a gas heater. The FAFCO® Spa Companion is an advanced technology heat pump that will recycle the existing heat from the pool to the spa.

CoolPV® can save an average American home from emitting up to 401 tons of C02 emissions over a 20 year span. This is equivalent to planting 18,648 trees or saving 40,917 gallons of gas!

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FAFCO®, a leading Solar Manufacturing Company located in Chico, California, spent over ten years with help from the US Navy and the National Renewable Energy Lab developing a new hybrid solar system that can generate electricity and heat water using the same solar panel.

The result is CoolPV®. Using FAFCO®’s state of the art solar thermal technology and SolarWorld’s® state of the art solar electric technology, CoolPV® is an enhanced solar electric system that generates electricity and heats water using the same panel on the same roof space. Because the solar electric panel is “cooled”, it generates more electric power than a stand-alone solar electric panel. All you need is a load for the heated water like a water heater or swimming pool.

FAFCO Spa companion by AquaCal

AquaCal® has been producing quality swimming pool/spa heat pumps since 1981. Heat pumps use electricity only to transfer heat, not create it, making them an extremely energy efficient method of heating. A small portion of the electricity generated by the CoolPV® panels can power the FAFCO® Spa Companion which will transfer the heat from the pool to the spa. Once you are finished with the spa, the heat can be transferred right back into the pool.