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FAFCO®’s 40 years of innovation and patented technology have made it easy to heat your pool with solar energy. Cold water is pumped from your pool through our patented solar collector design. Like a garden hose lying in the sun, the collector heats the water inside, which is then pumped back into your pool giving you luxuriously warm water and a significantly longer swim season.

FAFCO® solar collectors feature:

  • A patented water flow metering system that distributes water evenly for maximum efficiency
  • A patented collector design featuring almost twice as many tubes per panel as our competitors’ for maximum heating performance
  • Durable, lightweight, ultraviolet-resistant polymer material that provides years of reliable service
  • Fully-wetted design transfers virtually all available energy directly to the pool water

  1. Set your desired water temperature and a sensor determines the most efficient run time.
  2. Your pool pump sends cold water from the pool through the solar collectors
  3. FAFCO®’s polymer solar collectors heat the water as it is channeled through the collector array
  4. Luxuriously warm, solar heated water flows back into your pool