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CoolPV® can deliver up to 4x the power of stand alone solar panels

Founded in 1969, FAFCO revived the nascent US solar thermal industry. Our first innovation replaced copper with engineered polymers in solar pool heating panels. Today, our goal is to transform the industry again. We introduced CoolPV in late 2015, a combination of solar thermal and solar electric technology which we believe will revolutionize the solar industry. After all, we’re no startup; we’ve been in business for forty years and in 2015, we generated over $6.9 million in revenue.

CoolPV has the potential to not only heat pools and water for homes, but also provide heated fluids in commercial and industrial applications. Our grand vision is to deliver as much renewable energy to customers as possible, providing affordable energy for the everyday tasks you don’t even think about: laundry, showers, food processing, and more.

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A leader in the Solar Thermal Industry for Over 40 Years

FAFCO is one of the largest and oldest solar thermal manufacturers in the U.S. We’re now leveraging that experience and network to bring CoolPV nationwide.

We first combined solar thermal and solar electric into one panel in the late 1990’s. Development was restarted with a US Navy contract in 2012. CoolPV is tested, certified, class A fire rated, and locally code compliant. It was introduced to the market in late 2015.

Generate Your Own Electricity!

You can generate more electricity with CoolPV® than stand alone Solar PV because CoolPV® Cools the Solar Cells in the PV Panel while Heating Your Water.

Heat Your Pool

Get the most out of your swimming pool. CoolPV® significantly extends your swimming season, enabling healthy enjoyment and exercise in luxurious warm water from spring to fall.

Help the Environment

CoolPV® can save an average American home from emitting up to 401 tons of C02 Emissions over a 20-year span. This is equivalent to planting 18,648 trees or saving 40,917 Gallons of Gas!


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