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Solar Novus Magazine: How FAFCO®’s CoolPV® system can reduce a user’s electric bill by 50% or more

Check out Solar Novus Magazine’s feature on CoolPV technology by FAFCO, and the many user benefits of having a CoolPV system.  “Home and business owners no longer have to choose between generating electricity and heating water with their valuable roof space.  Now they can do both at the same time.” Read the full article linked […]

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FAFCO® and CoolPV® – Bringing Fresh Innovation to the Solar Industry in 2017

Want to see what the trends shaping the future of the solar industry will be for 2017 and beyond?  How will corporate spending, new developments in storage technology, supply chain consolidation, and the ever-shifting geopolitical landscape disrupt the industry?  Check out the article linked below on UtilityPost by FAFCO® founder and Chairman Freeman A. Ford. […]

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How Does CoolPV® Fit Into Today’s Solar Power Landscape?

Find out about the history and future trends of solar power over at altenergymag.com, a leading voice in the alternative energy industry. In an interview this month FAFCO® founder Freeman A. Ford talks about the past, current, and future trends in rooftop solar and how CoolPV® fits into this rapidly changing landscape. Check out the […]

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The Technology Behind CoolPV® – PV+Thermal

Just what is PVT (PV-Thermal) and what problems does it address? What new opportunities does this unique new product present, both to end-users and dealers? Freeman A. Ford, founder of FAFCO®, pens an article at Renewable Energy World to explain the subject in-depth: Why Has a Commercially Successful PV+Thermal Product Been So Elusive? Check this […]

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