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How Does CoolPV® Fit Into Today’s Solar Power Landscape?

Find out about the history and future trends of solar power over at altenergymag.com, a leading voice in the alternative energy industry. In an interview this month FAFCO® founder Freeman A. Ford talks about the past, current, and future trends in rooftop solar and how CoolPV® fits into this rapidly changing landscape. Check out the […]

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The Technology Behind CoolPV® – PV+Thermal

Just what is PVT (PV-Thermal) and what problems does it address? What new opportunities does this unique new product present, both to end-users and dealers? Freeman A. Ford, founder of FAFCO®, pens an article at Renewable Energy World to explain the subject in-depth: Why Has a Commercially Successful PV+Thermal Product Been So Elusive? Check this […]

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