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SolarTouch Solar Control System by Pentair

The SolarTouch® Solar Control System
Solar Touch Solar Controls by Pentair

The SolarTouch® Solar Control System is a perfect fit for FAFCO customers looking to make the most of the sun’s energy with the convenience of an easy, affordable control system. The SolarTouch system offers push-button digital technology for simple operation.

Simply set the digital thermostat, and the SolarTouch system will monitor the temperature of the pool water and solar collectors. Whenever the sun offers sufficient energy for effective heating, the SolarTouch controller opens a motorized valve and sends filtered water to the collectors. If temperatures drop, the system shuts the valve to keep water out of your pool.



SolarTouch ControlsPart NumberDescription
Solar Touch Solar Control521592SolarTouch Solar Control System with 3-Way Solar drain-down,
valve actuator and 2 temp sensors (20' water, 40" solar)
ValvesPart NumberDescription
2630473-Way Solar Valve with Drain-Down, CPVC 2 in. (2½ in. slip outside)
2630292-Way PVC 2 in. (2½ in. slip outside)
263042Check Valve CPVC 2 in. (straight)


Get the most out of the sun’s energy for pools and spas with quality solar control systems, parts and accessories. Choose from the following array of actuators, valves, relays, thermometers, temperature sensors and more to add greater economy, comfort and convenience to your customers’ personal retreats.


Solar Touch Solar Control System Map
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