Frequently Asked Questions

Why heat my pool?

Your pool represents a significant financial investment. Heating your pool enables you and your family to enjoy your investment more than just a few months a year.

Heating your pool enables you to comfortably enjoy your pool – earlier in the spring, evenings after work, and later into the fall. A warmer pool means more time for family fun, more opportunities for healthy exercise, and a better gathering place for family and friends.

How does a solar pool heating system work?

Cold water is pumped from your pool through our patented solar tube design where it is warmed by heat collected from the sun. This is very much like the water that sits in a garden hose and is warmed by the sun. The warm water is then pumped back into your pool giving you luxuriously warm water and plenty of extended swim time.

Is there enough sun where I live?

Studies show that there is enough solar energy in all parts of the United States and into Canada for you to enjoy a longer swim season with a solar pool heater.

Will a FAFCO® solar pool heater heat my pool?

Of course! Depending on your weather and climatic conditions, you can expect your FAFCO® solar pool heater to raise your pool temperature up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit over a period of several days of good weather. A solar blanket will help hold in this heat at night or when it’s windy, and can help the pool heating system be even more effective.

Is a solar pool heater better than a gas heater?

We think so. A solar pool heater can be less expensive up front than a gas heater, depending on the size of your pool. Once a solar pool heater is installed, your heat is FREE from the sun. With a gas heater you need to pay the gas company depending on how much you use the heater. In the spring and fall when you really need heat, you use the pool heater more, so it costs you more – but solar energy is still free. Also, solar is non-polluting, and it can cool your pool during hot months, something no gas heater can do.

Can pool solar panels be used to heat the house?

No. Solar pool panels and controls are designed specifically to heat a large volume of water in a swimming pool. Household space heating is a very different application of solar.

Should I use a pool cover with a solar pool heating system?

A pool cover prevents evaporation loss, particularly at night. The cover traps the solar heat that has been added during the day. This is very complementary to the solar system. The solar system can be viewed as actively adding heat. The cover retains that heat passively.

Can it also cool my pool?

During the hottest part of the summer, running the solar system at night can cool a pool to a more refreshing swimming temperature down several degrees in one night if the conditions are right. Also, if your pool is too warm, leave the solar blanket off at night to allow more heat to escape.

How much would a solar pool heater cost for my pool?

Solar pool heating system prices for a residential pool can vary based on the location and size of the pool, location of the solar panels, desired temperature and season, and type of pool equipment. Because of all the variables, it is impossible to give an accurate estimate without careful inspection of the site. To set up an appointment for a free analysis and estimate, find the FAFCO® dealer nearest you.

Will a solar pool heating system save me money?

If a pool owner heats their pool with natural gas or propane through the normal swimming season, an investment in solar can pay for itself in 2 to 3 years. If the pool owner does not have a gas heater or wish to use one, solar will not really “save” money, but the pool will be much warmer and more inviting throughout a much longer portion of the year. A swimming pool, with decking and landscaping, represent a sizable investment for the homeowner. Maintenance costs exist whether the pool is used or not. The investment in solar pool heating will assure that the pool is used and enjoyed much more.

How much does a solar pool heating system cost to operate?

FAFCO®’s solar pool heating systems use an automatically controlled valve to divert the existing filtration flow to the solar panels, so there is no additional cost to operate the solar pool heater. Some pools might require an additional solar boost pump that would cost a few dollars per month to operate during the swimming season.

How long will the solar pool heating equipment last?

FAFCO®’s solar collectors, made of a proprietary copolymer blend for durability, can be expected to last between 15 and 20 years. Many FAFCO® solar pool heating systems that were installed over 20 years ago are still going strong.

What special maintenance is required on a solar pool heater?

Usually no special maintenance is required during the season. Modern electronic controls allow you to “set and forget” the solar pool heater. It is recommended that the panels be shut off and drained in the winter. This process takes just a few minutes and will protect the panels against freeze damage.

How do I purchase a solar pool heater or receive more information?

We can put you in touch with a FAFCO® dealer today — Find a Dealer.