FAFCO Warning Labels—What do they mean?

You have purchased FAFCO’s recently upgraded in-ground solar pool heating panels. FAFCO’s new Sure Seal technology is a panel connection system that is designed to be worry-free when installed with FAFCO genuine accessories. 


Be sure to use only FAFCO’s Coupler Clamps (10195) on panels marked with this label. 

Keep FAFCO’s Coupler Clamps (10195) and Retrofit Clamps (10216) sealed in their bags with a small amount of moisture to ensure a smooth installation process. 

Clamps that are allowed to dry out will be less flexible and tend to make installation difficult. Don’t worry! Once installed, dried clamps are at their strongest and will provide a secure connection.

You have purchased FAFCO’s previous generation of in-ground solar pool heating panels. 


FAFCO’s collectors of this generation will require the use of stainless steel hose clamps to create a reliable seal. Use of (10195) clamps will not seal. 


Be sure to use only FAFCO’s stainless clamps (02031) on panels marked with this label.

Use these Coupler Clamps only when installing FAFCO’s newest generation of panels into an older array and using a retrofit Panel Coupler. Retrofit Panel Couplers are 5″ (02035) and 6.5″ long (10224). 


These couplers have a smaller outside diameter than FAFCO’s molded Panel Couplers (10196) and require a smaller coupler clamp to maintain an effective seal.