Solar Pool Heating Since 1969

FAFCO® Product Advantages

The Plenum

The patented flow chamber ensures optimum water pressure throughout the entire group of collectors producing even flow, even heating and maximum heating performance.

  • Simplifies plumbing
  • Lowers installation cost
  • Better Aesthetics
  • Lower pump power


  • FAFCO’s NanoBlack particles protect the material from degradation and efficiently turn sunlight into heat.
  • Our NanoBlack particles are 3X smaller than particles used by other manufacturers.
  • FAFCO contains 70% more protecting particles than other brands.
  • More protection means longer life.

Header Size

  • FAFCO’s true two-inch header allows for more flow, using less pressure.
  • Less pressure means a longer pump life.
  • Less pressure uses less energy.
  • Up to a 20% savings in operating costs.

Highest Efficiency

  • Highest-rated solar panel by Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC).
  • FAFCO’s panels have more tubes, meaning more ability to collect sunlight.
  • Fully wetted surface, no dead space between flow channels.
  • Highest system efficiency, optimized plumbing, and lower pump power.

Why Work With FAFCO® ?

Dedicated Customer Support

  • Customer Success team specifically for dealers
  • Experienced technical support available
  • Large network of sales representatives
  • Continual development of marketing materials

FAFCO University

  • Train at your convenience
  • Online and live training modules available
  • Customized to your business model
  • Real help from a real installer

Reliable Availability

  • All components made in the USA
  • Worldwide distribution network
  • High-capacity production facility
  • Short lead-time

User Friendly

  • Easy ordering via our B2B online portal.
  • We can help design systems with FAFCO’s online
    SPEC tool.
  • 1,2,3 Solar Simple Accessory Kits.
  • Color-coded packaging for different panel sizes.

Becoming a FAFCO® Dealer

Step 1

Reach out to us with our online dealer information request form, email us or call us 800-994-7652

Step 2

Work with our team to customize a dealer program best suited to you.

Step 3

Get trained and authorized to successfully sell and install FAFCO products.


Why Choose FAFCO® ?

FAFCO®, the oldest and largest U.S. solar thermal manufacturer, has changed the game in solar with a significant advancement in solar technology!

  • Two Million Panels Installed Worldwide!
  • Pioneered the solar pool heating industry in 1969.
  • Today, FAFCO® remains confident that with time and technology, it will achieve its ultimate goal of putting solar energy within reach of every household.


Dealer Testimonials

FAFCO is the ONLY swimming pool solar panel POCO Solar Energy chooses to offer its customers

The effectiveness of heating pools with only the sun as the source. The durability and long-life expectancy of the panel outlive the warranty by as much as double. The fact that FAFCO has been in continuous business for over 50 years to service their product. All these reasons make it the obvious solar panel of choice for pool owners and solar installers. POCO has been proud to offer FAFCO as the ONLY solution for keeping swimming pools toasty warm for the past 40 years!

Greg Cordero


POCO Solar Energy, Inc.

They are by far the best in this business. You won’t be disappointed.

I have been one of FAFCO’s exclusive wholesale distributors since 1992 selling pool heating components to pool and solar dealers in the Pacific NW and Hawaii and, before that, as a solar thermal contractor installing FAFCO systems in CA and OR. This long and worthwhile relationship is the result of the factory’s continual commitment to manufacturing quality, durable, and innovative components, superior product support and wonderful people to resolve any concern.

Mike Fitzgerald