Solar Pool Heating Since 1969


FAFCO®, the oldest and largest U.S. solar thermal manufacturer, has changed the game in solar with a significant advancement in solar technology!

  • Two million panels installed worldwide!
  • FAFCO®’s achievements in solar technology have been widely recognized with a variety of awards.
  • Pioneered the solar pool heating industry in 1969.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Save Money with Solar!

You can lower your heating bill and dramatically reduce the amount of money you spend on energy!

An Investment that Lasts

Solar pool panels typically last over fifteen years, compared to conventional gas heaters that last five years.

Solar is Low Maintenance

Little to no maintenance is needed during your swim season.

Double your Swim Season

Get more enjoyment out of your swimming pool investment.

Easy to Use

Set the temperature and let the system do the work.

Help the Environment

Unlike conventional power, solar power produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment.

Our Solar Products


Solar is the most economically attractive option for heating your pool and extending your swim season. Compared to systems that run on electricity, fuel oil or propane.



A FAFCO® solar pool heating system can cost less to install than a gas heater and it instantly adds value to your home and from then on, your heat is free from the sun.



Customer Reviews

Looking forward to our swim season starting earlier this year!

We put in a FAFCO solar system from Solar Pool Supply and they were fantastic answering all his questions and making sure we had what we needed for a perfect install. Extremely happy with this system and looking forward to our swim season starting earlier this year!

Lea Harper

Lakeside, CA

Great team to work with.

Helped me identify the material needed for a repair. Billing was easy and the material arrived as quoted. Even worked with me to allow the return on unused material! Highly recommend.

Allen Doan

Melbourne Beach, FL